Innovation in asset and rights management on blockchain

At Finweg we work with blockchain technology for the creation and management of contracts and electronic assets through their tokenization.

More than 20 years of experience in technology and solutions for digital transformation of processes in Spain and Latin America.

Finweg Platform


Tokenizes assets and agreements to increase their security and efficiency.

It allows an agile creation and incorporation of new electronic instruments.

Easily incorporate new actors into the system such as:

  • notaries
  • retail chains
  • Service providers
  • government entities, etc.

Allows for a better exploitation of Big Data by applying AI models for behaviour analysis, trends, anticipating situations, etc..


Finweg Platform

Technical Features

Unified platform

The full lifecycle of assets and rights is managed in a comprehensive manner, providing a global view of their status to all the actors involved, according to the established.

Decentralised and collaborative process

Its settings reduce processing and information exchange needs between entities because they all work with the same smart contract model.

Real-time operation

Transactions are completed online eliminating the need for verification and validation processes and thus, the associated errors and fraud.

Traceability and control

All events are irretrievably registered, guaranteeing information privacy and confidentiality.

Enhanced security

With the security mechanisms of blockchain technology.

Use cases

With the Finweg Platform, a digital representation of assets and rights can be made, with the tokenization and creation of new electronic instruments to:

  • Manage property and rights.
  • Automate the transmission.
  • Automate the execution of associated rights
  • Make the process transparent in multi-stakeholder settings.


  • Programmable Payments, with automated conditions in Smart Contract.
  • M2M (Machine to Machine) payments, integrating IoT
  • Electronic alternative to legacy payment (checks, promissory notes, etc.)
  • Invoice discount and reverse factoring
  • Electronic Letters of Credit
  • Electronic Bank Guarantees

Energy and Industry

  • PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) for renewable energies
  • Management of participations in infrastructure investments.
  • Traceability of processes to control the quality or origin of supplies.
  • Automation of M2M processes, integrating IoT.

Social media economy

Social Coins for:

  • True Fans Rewarding
  • Customer loyalty

NFT Collections for:

  • Community building
  • Merchandising Certification
  • New Digital Merchandising
  • Memorabilia
  • Monetization of contents
  • Marketplace of assets



Disruptive Technology


The information is replicated in a network of completely equal nodes.


There is no repository access key that can be attacked.


  • Transactions are stored in blocks that are sealed with an unalterable code. The blocks are linked (blockchain) which makes any information alteration more difficult.
  • The incorporation of transactions is performed with consensus mechanisms that ensure they are authentic and prevent their manipulation.
  • Stored information cannot be modified or deleted by anyone.

Management Team

More than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of technology and solutions for process improvement.

Enrique Olivera

Enrique Olivera


Enrique Olivera has more than 16 years‘ experience working in tech companies (INDRA) in positions related to business development and business administration in Latam.

He is an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Buenos Aires and also has a MBA from CEMA University.

Wladimiro Navarro

Wladimiro Navarro


Wladimiro Navarro Köhler has more than 25 years of experience in development and innovation positions in different companies, latest 10 years in solutions for the financial sector. Wladimiro Navarro, is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. He also has a PDD from IESE.

Advisory Board

Luis Álvarez Satorre

Luis Álvarez Satorre

Strategic Advisor

Luis Alvarez Satorre, currently Chief Executive Officer at SIA Group, previously led businesses from high growth small units to drive the turnaround as CEO of BT Global Services.

Julio Faura

Julio Faura

Technological Advisor

Julio Faura CEO at Adhara, he was the founding chairman of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and the’ Alastria blockchain consortium.

José Luis López

José Luis López


José Luis López President of ADDALIA, 30 years of experience in the development of solutions for the Financial sector.

Technology Partners


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