Finweg sponsorized the XIII Meeting of Latam Clearinghouse Representatives, ELOCC 2018

This event, organized by Iberpay, was held in Madrid fom May 30 to June 2, 2018 at Villamagna Hotel.

Enrique Olivera and Wladimiro Navarro, Finweg co-founders attended this meeting where Wladimiro Navarro presented the paper Transformation of payment systems with Blockchain where he explained the potential of Blockchain applied to financial processes and services with a great reception by the attendees.

Enrique Olivera stated: “We are not surprised by the great interest shown by the attendees on real solutions on Blockchain for the financial market. Products like ours are created to help banks to improve their competitiveness amid the changes they are facing in this industry.”

The representatives of the Clearinghouses members of ELOCC, as well as relevant companies of the sector, discussed about the situation and perspective of payments in Spain, Europe and Latin America; the development of immediate payments, as well as about innovation and the future of the Clearinghouses.