Antonio has extensive experience in the development of solutions on Blockchain as well as in the deployment and management of networks using this technology.

Antonio Sotomayor is one of the main Spanish experts in this technology after having been responsible for architecture in different projects based on blockchain. He also gives training on the development of smart contracts and carries out important technical dissemination work on the blockchain and Ethereum.

With this incorporation, Finweg also reinforces its commitment to the Alastria Network and its mission to generate new models of Digital Economy through the development of Blockchain technologies and, in particular, through the creation of a national public-permissioned blockchain network.

Antonio Sotomayor leads the working group in charge of the so-called Red B of Alastria, a new blockchain network based on Hyperledger Besu technology. Besu represents a new generation of Ethereum clients with a strong focus on scalability and security. As part of its direct involvement in this project, Finweg demonstrates its support for this technology and this new Alastria network by incorporating two new validator nodes that provide greater robustness to the current network deployment.