Finweg has joined the Association of Blockchain companies (AECHAIN) to promote, in companies and institutions, the knowledge and development of the decentralized technology industry facilitating the use of blockchain and adjacent technologies.

AECHAIN ​​is from May 1 member of the CEOE, the most important business organization in Spain with more than 1,200,000 associated companies. AECHAIN will address them with the aim of creating an industry of knowledge and development of these technologies.

As of September, AECHAIN ​​plans to organize, for all industrial sectors, actions to promote blockchain / DLT technology and other adjacent technologies, and show the advantages in each of these sectors. AECHAIN ​​partner companies will push this digital revolution.

For Finweg, being a member of AECHAIN ​​means a way of access and greater visibility to the network of Associations and companies that belong to the CEOE. In addition it permits working with the European and national lobbies to show the progress in the development of new payment solutions with blockchain technology.


AECHAIN ​​is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the initiative for the development of companies linked to Blockchain, DLT, BIG DATA and IA technologies in Spain. Its members must be legal entities, since the association’s efforts will focus on supporting the development of an Industry linked to these technologies.