Innovation in digital payment solutions on blockchain

At Finweg, we develop new Digital Payment Solutions on Blockchain technology to facilitate the offer of services provided by financial institutions.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of technology and solutions for payment processing, covering the entire process from its deposit, back-office validations and presentation to the Clearing House, in high production environments in Spain, Latin America and the USA.

Finweg Platform


Transforms current payment methods to increase their security and efficiency.

Enables the creation and incorporation of new payment solutions, applications and services, which streamlines the process at a very low cost.

Provides new actors with system access, incorporating entities such as:

  • notaries
  • retail chains
  • service providers
  • government agencies, etc..

Contributes for a comprehensive credit risk management process so that clients can have a better view of their overall position in the system

Allows for a better exploitation of Big Data by applying AI models for behaviour analysis, macroeconomic trends, liquidity needs of the system, anticipating situations, etc..

Finweg Platform

Technical Features

Unified platform


The full lifecycle of payment orders is managed in a comprehensive manner, providing a global view of their status to all the actors involved, according to the rules and regulations of the applicable organisations.

Decentralised and collaborative process


Its settings reduce processing and information exchange needs between entities because they all work with the same smart contract model.

Real-time operation


Transactions are completed online facilitating the liquidity of the system, drastically reducing the need to fund clearing accounts.

Traceability and control


All events are irretrievably registered, guaranteeing information privacy and confidentiality.

Enhanced security


With blockchain technology security mechanisms in a permissioned network.

Finweg Platform

Use Cases

Electronic check

It replicates printed check regulation but on electronic support. It maintains the unique features of the check payments and eliminates the negative features associated with paper handling.

It offers a more efficient electronic alternative for check payments, improving risk and liquidity management, reducing clearing accounts funding needs and eliminating fraud.

Letters of credit

Integrated electronic trade relations management regulated through letters of credit. Payer, recipient, issuing bank and other players involved manage the process through a Smart contract that guarantee to all of them that the agreed terms are fulfilled and payments are automatically released.

They comply with the regulations and the specific type of letter of credit providing guarantee to the process.

Integration of all players and automatization of the process lead to a dramatic reduction of operating costs and lead times.

Term transfer

New payment model that allows interbanking wire transfers that will happen on an agreed date. It assures fund availability both on payer account and clearing bank account providing collectors confidence.

It covers a scenario that actual wire transfers cannot fulfill and creates the foundations for building more complex payment models on top of it.

Direct Debit

Integrated Direct Debit management, from direct debit contract signing between customer and service provider, payment terms (one-time, recurring, fixed or per use), to the payment process itself. All actors: customers, service providers, financial entities, share the information that is managed by a Smart contract that guarantees the fulfilment of agreements by all parties.

It eliminates the processes of notification, verification and conciliation of information among parties and creates a single immutable and irrefutable register of all stages.

Instant international transfer

International multi-currency payments management with global liquidity management.

It replicates the current model but using a blockchain platform to manage the exchange quotation process and the subsequent transfer by applying the currency exchange rate and its liquidity at each end.

Transactions are completed in real time. The liquidity of the system is managed in real time as well, drastically reducing the need of movement of money.

Electronic promissory

100% electronic end-to-end alternative that replicates the payment model of promissory notes improving the process in issues as:

  • Credit risk management of promissory notes issuers.
  • Promissory notes portfolio management for discounting and negotiation.
  • Fraud control, eliminating it.

New Payment Solutions & Smart Payments

The platform enables the design of new payment means directly integrated with the financial systems of all Banks and the clearing and settlement systems.

New players with specific roles can be included, managed by Smart contracts that guarantee that all players work with the same business rules, in a secure, transparent and non-repudiation way.

It can be included constraints to fulfill the operations such as milestones achievement (dates, deliveries, supplies, etc.), validations by entities (notaries, registrars, authenticating officers, etc.) or automatic events (triggered by machines or systems through IoT integration).

The platform guarantees Universal Access to the payment mean and its rapid deployment.


Disruptive Technology


information is replicated in a network of completely equal nodes.


There is no repository access key that can be attacked.


  • Transactions are stored in blocks that are sealed with an unalterable code. The blocks are linked (blockchain) which makes any information alteration more difficult.
  • The incorporation of transactions is performed with consensus mechanisms that ensure they are authentic and prevent their manipulation.
  • Stored information cannot be modified or deleted by anyone.

Blockchain Potential (DLT)

Applied to financial processes and services

Operational simplification

DLT reduces / eliminates manual efforts required to perform reconciliation and resolve disputes.

Regulatory efficiency improvement

DLT enables real-time monitoring of financial activity between regulators and regulated entities

Counterparty risk reduction

DLT challenges the need to trust counterparties to fulfil obligations as agreements are codified and executed in a shared, immutable environment

Source: The future of financial infraestructure.

Clearing and settlement time reduction

DLT disintermediates third parties that support transaction verification / validation and accelerates settlement

Liquidity and capital improvement

DLT reduces locked-in capital and provides transparency into sourcing liquidity for assets

Fraud minimization

DLT enables asset provenance and full transaction history to be established within a single source of truth


More than 20 years of experience developing and implementing technology for end to end check processing solutions covering the whole process from check deposit, back office validations and clearing on high production environments, in Spain, Latam and USA. Among their many achievements, there are:

  • Country regulations for truncation and check processing successfully implemented in several countries (ie Check21 USA regulation since 2003)
  • High production back office image-driven check processing up to 3.000.000 checks/day in a single platform.
  • Cloud, mobile and remote solutions for web deposit from agencies and end customers or their mobile check deposit.
Enrique Olivera

Enrique Olivera


Enrique Olivera has more than 16 years‘ experience working in tech companies (INDRA) in positions related to business development and business administration in Latam.

He is an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Buenos Aires and also has a MBA from CEMA University.

Wladimiro Navarro

Wladimiro Navarro


Wladimiro Navarro Köhler has more than 25 years of experience in development and innovation positions in different companies, latest 10 years in solutions for the financial sector. Wladimiro Navarro, is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. He also has a PDD from IESE.

Alfonso Recio

Alfonso Recio


Alfonso Recio has more than 12 years of experience in Financial Consulting, working in Top consulting firms such as FTI Consulting and Deloitte, having participated in various engagements developing Financial Director, Cash Management and Planning, Working Capital Improvement, Financial & Operational restructuring, M&A, and fundraising activities.


Advisory Board

Luis Álvarez Satorre

Luis Álvarez Satorre

Luis Alvarez Satorre is an experienced global business leader with deep understanding of how innovation through digital technologies can transform businesses.

Has led businesses from high growth small units to drive the turnaround as CEO of BT Global Services.

Julio Faura

Julio Faura

Julio Faura has more than 20 years of experience along the worlds of Technology and Financial Services.

He was the founding chairman of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and is the chairman of Spain’ Alastria network.

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